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IVRIS Working Papers 07/04

Marie Přidalová. Pečující dcery a pečující synové (rozhodnutí, se kterým můžu žít)


The future of intergenerational solidarity and filial responsibility are among the themes drawing attention in the context of population ageing. While the descriptive features of intergenerational solidarity (the quality of relations between adult children and parents, the frequency of contact, provided and obtained support, etc.) are well documented in the Czech social sciences, the knowledge of lived experience of caregivers is scarce. We present results of the qualitative study "Caregiving Families" aimed at experiences of adult children providing daily care for elderly parents in their homes. We tried to explore in what ways adult children accept, adapt to and limit their commitment of caregiving. Analyzing data from 29 in-depth interviews the author describes the core category "Looking for a Balance Point" as a process of temporary coping with ambivalences arising from different demands on caregiving adult child. We introduce four categories which are notably connected to the main process of balancing. The category "Becoming a Caregiver" describes caregivers' interpretations of how it happened that they started to take care and why they do it. "Sharing the Caregiving" means either possibility or ability to divide caregiving duties among more subjects, patterns in which caregivers share the tasks, and how they explain this division. "Role Management" labels caregivers´ perception of gains and losses related to the experience of daily caregiving. Finally, ,,Legitimate Limits" stand for acceptable bounds, which (when reached) may terminate the career of caregiver. Based on our research we propose some recommendations both for the social policy arrangements and for the clinical work with caregivers.


ageing and family, intergenerational family relations, caregiving, intergenerational ambivalence

Bibliografická citace:

Přidalová, Marie 2007 ,,Pečující dcery a pečující synové (Rozhodnutí se kterým můžu žít)." IVRIS Working papers [online] Dostupný z: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/workingpapers/index.php?page=cislawp&id=5

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