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IVRIS Working Papers 07/03

Václav Kulhavý. Effects of Social Policy on Labour Markets


The goal of the paper is the examination of the social policy effects on the labour markets. The evidence is based on the statistical techniques (regression) of the macro data of the social expenditures and development of the labour markets from 1991 to 2001 in eleven European countries. The text assumes that this period was typical by a conceptual shift of the institutional framework of the social security. The higher incentives of the social security should absorb the new conditions of the labour market. A combination of the analytical approaches is applied. The institutional conditions are controlled through the welfare regimes as well as by the most important factors (the real GDP growth, inflation (GDP deflator), globalization (share of trade in GDP), employment in services (post-industrialism), labour productivity).


Social policy, welfare state regimes, evaluation, effects, social expenditures, labour markets, regression, macro data.

Bibliografická citace:

Kulhavý, Václav 2007 ,,Effects of Social policy on Labour Markets" IVRIS Working papers [online] Dostupný z: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/workingpapers/index.php?page=cislawp&id=4

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