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IVRIS Working Papers 07/01

Michal Nekorjak. Úvahy nad neregulérní migrací se zaměřením na ukrajinskou migraci v Česku.


The article deals with the issue of irregular migration. First of all it presents basic conceptual problems related to the use of the term illegal immigrant and stigmatization of the subjects of the discourse of illegal migration. Further, the text is focused on practical action of the most numerous group of third countries foreigners in the Czech Republic - Ukrainians. After a brief summary of existing statistics and its reflection, irregular strategies of Ukrainian immigrants are presented. The description of their practices is coupled with basic explanation of the motives of immigrants for their choice of irregular strategies. In the last part of the text the example of the USA is being used to present some unintended consequences of restrictive policy aimed against irregular migration that may be regarded as an inspiration for discussion in the Czech context.


international migration, Ukrainians, irregular migration

Bibliografická citace:

Nekorjak, Michal 2007 ,,Úvahy nad neregulérní migrací se zaměřením na ukrajinskou migraci v Česku" IVRIS Working papers [online] Dostupný z: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/workingpapers/index.php?page=cislawp&id=2

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