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IVRIS Working Papers 06/01

Tomáš Potočný. Lidé na okraji: Případová studie satelitního městečka.


This thesis deals with a noticeable trend in the current development of Czech cities: the emergence of satellite towns in the suburbs. The case study of one concrete locality in the vicinity of Prague analyzes the motivations, life strategies, interactions, and lifestyles of the new residents and explains the context of this new housing form.
The research is based on two main theoretical perspectives. From the point of view of changes in the modern society the research works with the concept of individualisation and its links to mobility, civic society and security. In relation to the city development, the research reflects theories of spatial differentiation and partly the studies of suburbanisation as well.
Data analysis contains six primary themes: spatial characteristics of the satellite town, motivation and strategies of the new residents, their everyday life, embedding in the new place of residence, social relations to the native inhabitants and the community relations.
In the examined satellite town two important factors interact and strongly influence the character of local social life. These are: individual preferences of the residents with the emphasis on values of privacy and independence, and the spatial organisation of the area which creates many communication barriers.


suburbanization, satellite town, social relations, individualization

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