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IVRIS Papers 10/01

Martin Žižlavský. Rovná sazba daně a finanční pobídka k práci


This study deals with financial incentives to work generated by the national tax-subsidy system as one of the factors enabling participation on the labour market. The 2008-2009 phase of public finance reform initiated by Czech government has led to the very slight overall changes of financial incentives to work. Only introduction of flat tax rate has significantly increased financial incentive to higher work effort.


Financial incentives to work; reform of public finance.

Bibliografická citace:

Žižlavský, Martin. 2010 ,,Rovná sazba daně a finanční pobídka k práci" IVRIS Papers [online] Dostupny z: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/papers/index.php?page=cislap&id=4

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