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IVRIS Papers 08/03

Václav Kulhavý. Social Policy Reform. A Conceptual Overview.


This text schematizes the changes of the welfare state ideology as they are realized in the pro-employment oriented social policy practice in 90's. The goal of this text is to suggest the possible transformation of the welfare state ideologies under shift of the policies. It means that the ideological concepts (as equality, inclusion, entitlements, citizenship, duties or contracts) are related to the shift of the practical pro-employment changes. The text aspires to answer the following question: How do welfare ideologies change within the context of the pro-employment driven changes of the 90's.


Welfare state, ideology, citizenship (welfare and active), inclusion, exclusion, equality, rights, contract

Bibliografická citace:

Kulhavý, V. 2008 ,,Social Policy Reform. A Conceptual Overview" IVRIS Papers [online] Available from: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/papers/index.php?page=cislap&id=3

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