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IVRIS Papers 08/01

Iva Šmídová (ed.). Pečovatelská otcovství: Zkušenost a genderové vztahy


This study is a complex research report from an empirical field study on strategies of families where fathers take on the nurturing status. Gender relations, legitimisations, expectations and status of women and men in these families are of primary concern in this analysis. The research team consisted of sociologists and psychologists and the primary approach is sociological gender studies. The field work consists of face-to-face interviwes with five (heterosexual) couples in their home environment, followed by a panel discussion with mothers and fathers only groups at the university grounds. The depth of the analysis using inductive, qualitatove approach has arrived at the following relevant themes revealing practices and mechanisms maintaining and changing the status quo in gender relations: 1. leaving for paternal(parental leave, 2. fathers at home, 3. father as primary caregiver, 4. children´s needs, 5. nurtunring man´s identity, 6. family with fathers on parental leave, 7. couple relationship and gender relations, and 8. mother´s identity. In the conclusion, the report summarises main overarching topics and sets them in broader theoretoical concepts of gendered social structures.


gender relations, parental leave, nurturing fatherhood, legitimization strategies, gendered social structure, nurturing masculinities, emancipated femininities, gender order

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Šmídová, Iva (ed.). 2008 ,,Pečovatelská otcovství: Zkušenost a genderové vztahy" IVRIS Papers [online] Dostupný z: http://ivris.fss.muni.cz/papers/index.php?page=cislap&id=1

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