Family and processes of reproduction

prof. PhDr. Ivo Možný, CSc., doc. PhDr. Martin Kreidl, M.A., Ph.D., PhDr. Iva Šmídová, Ph.D., Mgr. Lucie Vidovičová, Ph.D., Mgr. Michaela Bartošová, Mgr. Petr Fučík, Beatrice Elena Chromková Manea, M.A., Mgr. Lenka Slepičková, Bc. Lenka Kříčková

In Czech society the institution of family is influenced not only by the character of modernity itself, but also by the after-November '89 transformation. In a relatively short period of time, new forms of partnership organizations are being strongly manifested, and phenomena, which used to be just marginal, stigmatized, or non-existent, are becoming significant. The focus of the research work of the „Family and reproductive processes“ team lies in the mapping of the phenomena, which are being discovered, or change its importance, and thus influence the form of the Czech family. Evident age shift of fertility, wider social theme of involuntary infertility, voluntary no-couple (singles), a rise of only-child trend, or birth rate after divorce belong to these phenomena. Not of lesser research importance are topics of intergenerational solidarity and aging of the population. On a more theoretical level, the research is framed by the interpretation of childhood significance and fatherhood in various discourses.

Dílčí projekty

Active aging: Among Family, Retirement and Labour Market
Discourses on Childhood: Cases of Public Initiatives for Helping Children in Need
Involuntary Childlessness
Postponed Maternity; life careers and reproductive strategies of late primiparas
Fathers (not only) at the Childbirth
Family and the stratification process
Divorced Mothers (Fertility and Reproductive Strategy of the Divorced)
Old Parents and Elderly Children
Mixed Romany-Czech Marriages
Childlessness and Relationships

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