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Inclusion/exclusion of migrants in a transnational perspective

Mgr. Radka Klvaňová, M.A.

The project aims at theoretical examination of the process of inclusion/exclusion of migrants in a transnational perspective on the one hand, and at empirical exploration of this process using the case of the first generation migrants from former Soviet Union (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine) residing in the Czech Republic, on the other hand.I depart from an assumption that migrants' social position within different communities in which they participate/d through various social relations changes in the course of migration process and I am concerned with manifestations of these changes in migrants' biographies. How do migrants locate themselves in various sociocultural contexts within transnational social space and how are they situated into these spaces through various institutional and discursive practices? Moreover, I want to explore how are the changes of migrants' social positions related to the changes of the feeling of belonging to different communities. Which identifications of the migrants work as inclusive/exclusive factors in different sociocultural contexts? Thus, in the research I follow narrated stories of the migrants, different forms of self-presentation and spheres of relevance of their life worlds and I try to interpret them with respect to relevant historical and political discourses of migration.

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