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Strategies for Acquiring Czech National Feeling

The aim of the project for 2006/2007, that follows the research in the so-called Romany ghetto, is: on the basis of interview analysis, records from focus groups and from field notes that came from participation observation, to describe how ethnicity as a practice category works and how it reflects in the strategies for „acquiring Czech national feeling“? The social exclusion concept is perceived as one of the possible frames of ethno-cultural borders administration. In Czech academic discourse, the inexplicitness of the principle has been discussed in the last years, on the basis of which marginalized groups should be integrated/in­cluded. The perception of Romany people as a national minority/formation, which is typical especially for official documents (the inclusion of culturally specific national minority) gets into conflict with the researches that perceive the problematics of social exclusion of Romany people through social situation of these communities/en­claves, and refer to „national indifference“ of Romany people (compare to Jakoubek, Hirt, 2004, Lozoviuk 1998). The research project orients to formation of the strategies and practices that socially excluded Romany people choose for integration into the so-called „core group“ (e.g. claiming of Czech nationality, or Romany, respectively). I am interested whether communication partners reflect the concepts related to ethnicity and I will focus on to what extent their interpretations of reasons for social exclusion overlap with the concepts of nationality, solidarity in the community etc.

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