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Factors Leading to Differentiation of the Position of Parents with Small Children in the Labour Market

PhDr. Helena Tomešová Bartáková, Ph.D., M.Sc., Mgr. Blanka Plasová

The aim of the project is to examine the relation between the outcome of the participation „model“ of partners with children in the labour market and factors that have influenced the decision of this model. The concern will be pointed at the period of a parent's (woman's, in principle) transition/return from parental leave back to the labour market. We will focus especially on the factor significance coming into the partners' decision making of the division of paid and unpaid work. We will consider the role of relevant public policies, financial motives of the household, gender specific preferences, options and expectations in the relation with fulfilment of home care roles, as well as the role of conditions in the local labour market and behaviour of employers towards the workforce with children. We will head toward revelation of impacts of the gender differences in the division of paid and unpaid work on the differentiated position of men and women with children in the labour market.

The project will be based on a qualitative research method of half-structured interview with the aim of explaining the interaction of preconceived and non-preconceived factors and their influence on the resulting behaviour of a couple with children in relation to the labour market. Young women (with partners, not self-bread winners) who have come through a life situation of transition from parental leave back into the labour market and with the youngest child in its pre-school age will be included in the research.

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