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Gender Disparity in the Labour Market and their Social Factors

PhDr. Helena Tomešová Bartáková, Ph.D., M.Sc.

The family cycle and pressure connected with it (first of all unpaid housework and taking care of children) differentially influence the position of men and women in the labour market. Not even division of unpaid work between men and women is – in the scholarly literature – understood as one of the key factors of women disadvantaged in the labour market. In its result, it may lead to differentiated models of partners’ participation (inclusion) in the labour market, perhaps even open ways to non-participation (economic inactivity) or temporal non-participation, etc.

Some space will be dedicated specifically to the real situation research in the area of division of paid and unpaid work (the range of pressure on Czech women by unpaid work/family obligations in comparison with Czech men) on the basis of existing primary data files (mainly on SDD 2001, and on data of just conducted surveys of other projects, if they are available) with the purpose of observing the impact on the careers of men and women with children (forms of participation)

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