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The Evaluation of Chosen Activating Programs in APZ

prof. PhDr. Tomáš Sirovátka, CSc., Mgr. Markéta Horáková, PhDr. Pavel Horák, Ph.D.

The aim of the project is to evaluate relations between the context (implemental conditions), the way of work and effects of the individual action plans in active employment policy in the Czech Republic. We will check to what extent the new principles of policies – individualization, activation, decentralization, and partnership – are implemented and how they are connected to the context and conditions of the programs realization.

The project will be based on two or three case studies (interviews, documents study) in type chosen employment offices. The findings will be confronted with the pilot evaluation, carried out in 2003, which will enable the observation of the influences of the implemental conditions changes on the policies realization and impacts. The case studies will be set into the complete framework of the active policy development in the labour market in the Czech Republic.

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