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Changes of the Active Employment Policy at the Local Labour Markets

doc. PhDr. Jiří Winkler, Ph.D.

Contemporary changes in the labour market and flexibilization of work and work force in post-industrial social conditions invoke the need for modernization and flexibilization of the public policy that work on the labour market. In this connection, the question is raised – which ways can lead to changes in the borders of this public policy system. Which factors and mechanisms in these change processes work and which are possible to use for reformatory strategies connected with the use of methods and tools of European employment strategies? The aim of the project is to describe and explore the sequence of input and output changes of the active employment policy in social and political context of the Czech labour market. The planned analysis has not been carried out yet in the conditions of our country. Foreign researches, however, show that the character of these changes is unpredictable. Repeating small changes are from time to time unexpectedly replaced by a large change, which usually also brings a quality change of the program interventions in the borders of active employment policy. We want to find out how the basic input and output active employment policy characteristics in the Czech Republic change and develop.

Basic research questions or hypotheses: What order of the output changes can be registered in the analysis of the Czech active employment policy development on the individual employment offices in the last five years?

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