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Involuntary Childlessness

Mgr. Lenka Slepičková

With respect to the growing number of couples that seek help every year in connection with conception problems, the following research shall bring a detailed and compact analysis of conditions, life's strategies and identities of involuntarily childless men and women of a certain age cohort (i.e. years 1974 and 1975) with the respect to the current social situation:

* the development of new reproductive technologies and media discourse and questions of ethics that relate to them („appropriate“ age for parenthood, financial expenses for the infertility treatment, etc.)
* the roles of the medical profession and personalities in the construction of infertility and involuntary childlessness
* the growing popularity of the lifestyle of „singles“ and the childless (Does it influence the growing number of voluntarily childless people, the position of the involuntarily childless and how?)
* the changeability of the gender roles and ideal of equal coexistence (Does it correspond to the view of negotiation between partners in the question of reproduction?)

The research should bring complete findings about the problems of involuntary childlessness in the Czech Republic, and thus contribute to current discussion about childlessness, decrease in birth rate and new reproductive technologies. This year the status of the project is going to be changed into a field research – the qualitative part of the research should be done by the end of August and first analyses should be conducted.

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