Family and processes of reproduction

Active aging: Among Family, Retirement and Labour Market
Discourses on Childhood: Cases of Public Initiatives for Helping Children in Need
Involuntary Childlessness
Postponed Maternity; life careers and reproductive strategies of late primiparas
Fathers (not only) at the Childbirth
Family and the stratification process
Divorced Mothers (Fertility and Reproductive Strategy of the Divorced)
Old Parents and Elderly Children
Mixed Romany-Czech Marriages [finished 2007]
Childlessness and Relationships [finished 2006]

Labour market and unemployment

Effects of Active Employment Policy on Employer Institutions
Factors Leading to Differentiation of the Position of Parents with Small Children in the Labour Market
Gender Disparity in the Labour Market and their Social Factors
The Evaluation of Chosen Activating Programs in APZ
Pilot Evaluation of the Active Employment Policy Program
Work Incentives of the Unemployed
Formation and Transformation Processes of Marginalized Position in the Labour Market: The Influence of Public (Social) Policy
Strategies of the Long-Term Unemployed
Changes of the Active Employment Policy at the Local Labour Markets

Social reproduction – exclusion, inclusion and cohesion

Czech Republic: Concepts of Social Exclusion/Inclusion and Social Cohesion in the Discourse of Social Policy, Dimensions of Social Exclusion and the Situation of the Excluded
Czech Prison Service: Life Strategies of Imprisoned Men and Women (Convicts as well as Employees)
Individualized housing in standardized tenement - research on the housing culture in the Bata´s Zlín
Policy of Social Help as a Tool for a Struggle Against Social Exclusion – Anti-Discriminatory Aspects of a Social Help System in Romany Socially Excluded Groups
Problems of Spatial Exclusion
Socio-cultural aspects of residential suburbanization
Social and Cultural Reproduction of the Czech Society
Social Exclusion from the Labour Market in the Czech Republic
Vietnamese Immigrants and the Czech Labour Market - Parallels and Differences from Ukrainian Work Migration
Strategies for Acquiring Czech National Feeling [finished 2007]

Ethnization, migration, identity

Indicators of efficiency of integration policies
Inclusion/exclusion of migrants in a transnational perspective
Different Czechs? Cultural Representation of Czech Nationality Borders
Migration, citizenship and transnationalism
Rethinking Minority and Migration Policies in Central Europe. Clash of Ethnic Particularism and Liberal Universalism
Social Cohesion and Conflict in the Perspective of Collective Memory
Ethnized Minorities as Impulse for State-Civil Integration [finished 2008]
Social Construction of Ethnocultural Identities and Dilemmas of Social Inclusion [finished 2008]
Analysis of Social Integration of Ethnic Minorities and Their Participation at Labour Market [finished 2007]
Policies for Promoting Employment for Roma - World Bank Project [finished 2007]

Panel Pairs and families

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