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Policies for Promoting Employment for Roma - World Bank Project

PhDr. Michal Vašečka, Ph.D.

The Government of the Czech Republic and the World Bank ordered the study „World Bank project. Policies for Promoting Employment for Roma“ with an in-depth examination of barriers to employment for Roma in the Czech Republic and identify policies for promoting employment. The study reviewed the current system of social protection and employment policies in the Czech Republic, in particular employment activation policies, and their effectiveness in promoting employment for Roma, and to help develop policy recommendations to guide the Government in its efforts to improve access to the labor market for Roma, including through the newly formed Social Inclusion Agency of the Government and through the planned and ongoing reforms of employment and social welfare policies. The objective of the assignment was to map out employers’ perspectives on employment promotion for Roma workers, highlighting positive experiences and exploring reasons for failure, through structured case studies of employers.

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