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Mixed Romany-Czech Marriages

As a social category defining a special character of some partner bonds and families, mixed marriages belong to the category of social control defining unusual conduct when choosing a partner – transgression of expected endogamy and homogamy. The purpose of the research is a qualitative analysis and interpretation of the conduct of the mixed marriage participants, based on qualitative data collecting techniques (non-standardized in-depth interviews, informal interviews). The interpretation looks, most of all, at possibilities of the Romany-Czech marriage establishment in a narrower context of the relationship and the conduct of the primary social groups, in which the participants are members, in broad connection as well, of the assimilation and integration of the Romany population in the Czech Republic. Thus Romany-Czech marriages may be looked at as a half-structure from the point of view of the social border construction between two groups, which may reveal mechanisms of cultural and identity transformations or reproduction of Romany national feeling.

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