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Discourses on Childhood: Cases of Public Initiatives for Helping Children in Need

The aim of the research is to track down how, in social practice (the taking care of and helping of children in need), certain discourse practices are conducted and how certain discourses about children and childhood are strategically used by certain social participants. In doing so, the research aims at the role of non-profit organizations and public initiatives – participants of the civil society sphere – and at the observation of their discourse strategies for reconstruction of the ideas of (endangered) children and childhood. The research aims at chosen social events of the last few years. It means the project of The Fund for Children in Need called „Klokánek“, the project for setting up of boxes for cast-off children (Endowment fund STATIM), and the advertisement campaign of Nadace Naše dítě (Our Child Foundation), aimed against child abuse in families and at the propagation of The Safety Line. These activities (projects) are investigated with the help of the case study method with specialization in analysis of the discourse aspects of the monitored events.

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